5 Repairs You Can Do To Improve Your Kitchen
5 Repairs You Can Do to Improve Your Kitchen
April 25, 2019
5 Benefits of Vinyl Siding
5 Benefits of Vinyl Siding
May 24, 2019
5 Repairs You Can Do To Improve Your Kitchen
5 Repairs You Can Do to Improve Your Kitchen
April 25, 2019
5 Benefits of Vinyl Siding
5 Benefits of Vinyl Siding
May 24, 2019
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5 Tips for Adding a Deck or Porch to Your Home

5 Tips for Adding a Deck or a Porch to Your Home

What is a Deck and a Porch?

Decks and porches are exterior home improvements that provide outdoor living spaces. Decks are usually roofless flat platforms adjoining a home, while a porch is a sheltered area generally projected in front of the house.

Decks and porches are two amazing ideas that can help enhance the appearance of your home. It can also add value to your property.

If you have a free space outside your home and are wondering how to utilize it, a deck or a porch may be a good idea. To choose between the two outdoor improvements, it is be best to know the difference between decks and porches.

Decks vs. Porches

Both decks and porches offer leisure time. However, a deck is more for recreational purposes while a porch offers protection.

While a porch is constructed as part of the structure, a deck is simply attached to the exterior of the home. In recent years, a floating deck has become popular in most homes.

Another major difference between a porch and a deck is their functionality. Since a porch has limited space, it primarily serves as a  waiting area or a place where you can sit and relax. A deck, on the other hand, can be used as an outdoor living room, kitchen or game area. It can also be used as a surrounding frame for a pool or a spa.

Having that ample space in your yard is perfect for a deck or a porch. Whether you are adding a porch or a deck, it is best to consider some of these helpful tips and guidelines.

5 Tips for Adding a Deck or Porch to Your Home

Whatever the season may be, winter, spring, summer or fall, having an outdoor space can be very useful. Building a deck or a porch gives you a great opportunity to extend your living room outdoors. Whether you are opting for a deck or a porch, it may be best to consider these 5 tips for adding a deck or a porch to your home:

#1 Know Your Options for Materials

Decks and porches are typically made of wood. However, there are different kinds of wood that you can choose from including pressure-treated cedar, redwood, ipe and jirrah. While cedar and redwood are a classical choice, ipe and jirrah are the vogue choices today.

For homeowners who are not a fan of wood, composite materials is also a good alternative. Vinyl is revolutionizing the industry because of its low maintenance and durability. They are also rot and rust free.

#2 Ask for a Customized Design

Decks and porches may come in different designs, colors and sizes. You can ask your repair expert to provide you a design that is customized to fit your space, needs, budget, and vision.

Both wood and composite materials come in different colors. They can also be trimmed to specific needs. Whether it is a huge deck that can accommodate a barbeque grill or a wrap-around porch, building a beautiful, safe, well-crafted addition to your home is our priority.

#3 Optimize the Space by Adding Levels to Your Deck or Porch

One of the latest trends in adding a porch or a deck to your home is expanding it into levels. Instead of building one huge platform, consider constructing two or three levels. This allows family members and guests to congregate into small groups in different areas.

In some cases, homeowners opt to build a front porch with a floating deck. This provides cozier settings for relaxation and multiple entertaining spaces.

#4 Surround Your Deck or Porch with Railings

Railing are great innovations that provide a tremendous impact on the aesthetic of your home. You can choose from many materials such as glass, vinyl, cabling, metal, wood and other composites.

Surrounding your deck or porch with railings also provides added safety measures specially for kids and pets.

#5 Create Overhead Shade

Creating an overhead shade can be a good deck or porch feature. It can be used as protection during extreme weather. It will not only provide shade but can be useful if you want to install lights, fans and speakers.

One of the most popular type of shade for decks and porches is a pergola. It is an outdoor structure that provides shaded walkway, passage or waiting area. It usually consists of vertical posts or pillars that support cross-beams. Often times, wood vines are trained to grow in pergolas for added shade and cool air.

These are just some of the 5 great tips that you may consider when adding a porch or a deck to your home. To get the best out of these tips, it is best to consult a deck or porch repair and Installation expert.

Deck or Porch Installation Services Charlotte

Adding a new exterior enhancement to your home is a great idea to use that huge space in your yard. Whether you want a deck with multiple levels or a porch with a traditional pergola, Bergen’s Contracting and Repair can provide outstanding craftsmanship for your home.

We provide quality yet affordable decks and porches that will compliment the beauty of your home. Contact us today at 704-889-2020 to learn more about our deck and porch repair and installation services and for a FREE QUOTE.

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