Top Renovations to Make Your Home More Efficient
Top Home Renovations Ideas to Make Your Home More Efficient
November 9, 2021
Top New Year's resolutions to make for your home in 2022
Top New Year’s resolutions to make for your home in 2022
January 4, 2022
Top Renovations to Make Your Home More Efficient
Top Home Renovations Ideas to Make Your Home More Efficient
November 9, 2021
Top New Year's resolutions to make for your home in 2022
Top New Year’s resolutions to make for your home in 2022
January 4, 2022
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Home Repair and Improvement Tasks to Do Before Winter

Home repair and improvement tasks to do before winter

As the temperatures plummet and the days grow shorter, you may start snuggling up under a warm blanket or thinking of the upcoming holidays. But before you start warming up with a steaming cup of a hot beverage, there are some home repair and maintenance tasks you may want to take care of before a winter storm hits. Here are the top home improvement tasks to tackle to prevent winter damage and prepare your home for the harsh weather ahead.

Weatherproof doors and windows

As the days grow colder, you’ll rely on your windows and doors to keep the drafts out. But if your doors and windows are damaged or old, they may not be able to handle the cold to come. Winter drafts can seep into your home and make it colder. You may also be forced to turn up the heat to keep you, your family, and guests warm, thereby increasing your energy bills and stressing your HVAC system.

Moreover, your front door is what your visitors get to see first, especially when you’re hosting a holiday party. If the door is old or damaged, it could dampen your home’s curb appeal. Give us a call, and our home repair experts will assess your doors and windows.

We can repair your windows and doors, thresholds, hinges, weatherstripping, screens, locks, and more. If they’re unrepairable, we’ll replace them with new ones and suggest the best style for your home.

Inspect your roof

Some winter seasons can be harsh, and your roof will be at the receiving end of the damage. Having your roof inspected before winter hits can help spot potential problems like soft spots, missing shingles, and anything suspicious. Spotting and fixing the issues early will help you avoid bigger problems and more expensive repairs in the dead of winter.

Clean and repair sagging gutters

Clogged and sagging gutters could mean trouble for your roofing system, siding, and foundation and can also lead to ice dams, water damage, and issues with rodents and insects. Let our professionals clean and fix your clogged and loosened gutters so that they look great and protect your home from water damage.

Repair damaged / missing siding

Your siding and trim stand up to various elements and provide a barrier between the outdoors and your home. Sometimes, they get damaged or go missing due to rain, wind, debris, hail, snow, sleet, pests, and more. If your siding and trim are damaged or missing, we can help. We offer exceptional siding and trim repair services and can also replace the siding and trim for your entire home.

Chimney and fireplace inspection

Like dryer hoses, chimneys can get clogged and lead to problems like carbon monoxide poisoning and house fires. That’s why it’s essential to get your fireplace, vents, and chimneys inspected and cleaned before the winter hits. The National Fire Protection Association recommends having your chimney and fireplace inspected and cleaned every year by a qualified professional.

Check your furnace and HVAC system

It’s a good idea to schedule your yearly tune-up to your heating systems before the weather gets too cold. This will help keep them running smoothly throughout the winter. Check the vent system of your gas furnaces for any leaks or blockages. Change the dirty filter and make sure the outdoor unit is free of snow or leaves (especially if you have a heat pump).

Prevent pipes from freezing

The Charlotte, NC, area does not usually experience freezing temperatures until January and February. However, wrapping your outdoor pipes to prevent a pipe from bursting or freezing in the winter is still a good idea. Keep your heating system functional and check your local stores for kits to wrap around your outdoor pipes.

Spruce up your home’s outdoor appearance

Now that the leaves are gone, it’s time to check your landscape for dead shrubs, limbs, or trees and perform some exterior repairs. Remove shrubs or trees that could fall on your home during a winter storm or those that may be close to power lines.

You can also spruce up the outdoor appearance of your home from the front to the back with fresh paint and a good, professional cleaning. Upgrade your porches and decks and decorate them with classic pieces like wreaths, lights, and Christmas trees. Don’t forget to inspect the fences surrounding your home and drainages to ensure they are in optimal condition.

Get Ahead Of Tasks With The Best Handyman in Charlotte, NC

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