Benefits of cellular PVC trims on your home's interior
Benefits of Cellular PVC trim on your home’s interior
June 10, 2021
How do I choose a loft conversion?
How do I choose a loft conversion?
August 13, 2021
Benefits of cellular PVC trims on your home's interior
Benefits of Cellular PVC trim on your home’s interior
June 10, 2021
How do I choose a loft conversion?
How do I choose a loft conversion?
August 13, 2021
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6 Investments to Boost Your Home’s Value

6 Investments to Boost Your Home's Value

It is no surprise that lots of people consider home improvement one of the surest ways of building wealth by adding value and increasing the appeal of their homes. Whether you’re just moving into your new home or you want to put your home on the market, you know already that you have to increase the value of your home.

Understandably, you also want to do this without breaking the bank. In this guide, you will discover simple home remodeling investment ideas that will boost your home’s value.

Home remodeling as an investment

Which home renovation brings the best return on investment is a fundamental question facing every homeowner. Home remodeling gives you the opportunity to modernize and update your home to meet current standards in terms of market value and design trends.

Home remodeling provides the next-level extension that will boost your home’s resale value by far more money than you spent if you consider selling it in the future.

Factors to consider before remodeling

Home remodeling requires adequate planning. You need to consider several factors such as budget, design style, and even the best time of the year to remodel your home.


This is probably one of the most important factors to consider when planning for home remodeling. It is usually best to communicate your budget with a qualified contractor to plan it out for you and decide on modern renovation projects that will work within your budget based on your specific needs and priorities.

Qualified contractors will give you a clear estimate of all project costs and what is expected.

Successful remodeling projects begin with thorough planning. As a rule of thumb, most remodeling projects will cost more and take longer than expected. Hence, be sure to have a clear understanding of all remodeling costs such as material, labor, and needed resources and save money for miscellaneous costs.

Design style

Apart from remodeling to provide structural fixes, you should also take into consideration the modern design styles that will resonate with your personality and current design trends. For instance, you may be a big fan of the mid-century modern design style. But, when you look at the market value, you may have to consider if designing your home in that style would command higher value if you want to sell your home in the future.

Time of the year

This is particularly important for outdoor renovation projects. When considering what time of the year to remodel your home, think beyond just weather conditions. Also, put cost and holidays into consideration.

When thinking about weather conditions, keep in mind that each season has its own benefits and disadvantages for home repair and remodeling. For instance, most folks renovate during summer because they have emerged from the holidays ready to start planning. That’s the reason why we usually notice most construction happening a few months later around June, July, and August.

However, this time of the year is characterized by high humidity which could interfere with painting jobs. Additionally, winter is usually the most underrated season for construction and remodeling projects.

But, indoor projects such as bathroom and kitchen remodeling can begin during the winter. This gives you the opportunity to begin your remodeling projects before most people start calling contractors to begin theirs.

Hence, the decision on time of the year depends on cost, weather conditions, and type of remodeling projects to be done.

6 Investments to Boost Your Home's Value

6 types of investments to boost your home’s value

Spice up your exterior paint

This is one of the most underrated home remodeling ideas that will maximize the curb appeal and give your home a whole new and fresh look. With just the right combination of exterior paint colors, you can transform your home from ordinary to unforgettable.

The good news is that you don’t have to put a dent in the wallet to achieve a transformative exterior makeover. Spicing your home with exterior paint gives your home a warmer welcome. To get the best from your exterior paint, try spicing it up with a compatible and colorful landscaping. Give your home the exterior shine today!

Swap out your bathroom and kitchen fixtures

New bathroom designs and kitchen renovations sell homes! They give your home the hottest facelift. Whether your project is just for routine home maintenance or complete remodeling, a kitchen or bathroom remodeling is the secret sauce that boosts your home’s value.

It was recently reported that bathroom remodeling has the potential to generate 102% ROI at resale. You can start by swapping out key fixtures within your bathroom and kitchen. Replace bathtubs, install a water heater, add a tile surround, and finish it with a trendy fresh coat of paint or new tile backsplash on the walls.

There are just limitless remodeling ideas for your kitchen and bathroom, feel free to speak with a qualified professional on different available designs and bathroom and kitchen remodel costs that will work within your budget.

Upgrade your roof

The roof is probably the most neglected home remodeling idea. But before you balk at the cost of replacing a roof, think about the fact that just a simple roof replacement generates an average of 60.7% ROI.

A structurally sound and energy-saving roofing system provides even far greater value to your home especially with the right combination of exterior windows and doors. A renovated roof can provide the needed curb appeal and make the difference between a good home listing price and a bad one.

Replace with energy-efficient windows

Energy-efficient windows are not only attractive, they actually save you a lot of money. Energy-efficient windows help block the outdoor heat, thus reducing air conditioning costs during summer. Also, they help reduce interior fading which adds longevity to your home’s interior and boosts your home’s value.

Keep up with regular maintenance and repairs

Home maintenance holds incredible importance beyond keeping it running efficiently all year long. Regular home maintenance is the major factor that ensures that your home remains continually a valuable investment rather than a liability. If you want to boost your home’s resale value, then you need to take regular home maintenance more seriously.

Replace your garage door

Your garage door is probably what people see before walking into your home. When considering the value of your home, the first impression from the curb appeal is very important. Replacing your garage door has the potential to yield a 93.8% return on investment. Hence, replacing your garage door pays you back the most at resale!

At Bergen’s Contracting and Repairs, we offer a wide range of home repair and remodeling services in Charlotte NC that give your home a refreshing look. You can call to request a free quote to discover how we can boost your home’s value.

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