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5 Ways to Improve Your Home With a Covered Porch
May 12, 2021
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6 Investments to Boost Your Home’s Value
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5 ways to improve your home with a covered porch
5 Ways to Improve Your Home With a Covered Porch
May 12, 2021
6 Investments to Boost Your Home's Value
6 Investments to Boost Your Home’s Value
July 9, 2021
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Benefits of Cellular PVC trim on your home’s interior

Benefits of cellular PVC trims on your home's interior

You’ve probably been looking for a solution that brings a natural look and feel to your home. 

Maybe you also want a classic look and more versatile options from a product that accommodates most of your home renovation ideas. Then you’re exactly in the right place.

At Bergen’s Contracting & Repair, we believe that your home remodeling projects and design ideas do not have to break the bank. You can still enjoy luxury from the best affordable home improvement services in Charlotte.

It is no longer news that cellular PVC trims have already gained ground as an alternative to traditional wood. As the name suggests, PVC is a viable wood replacement product made from PVC (Polyvinyl, a synthetic plastic polymer).

Currently, PVC is gaining more ground due to its versatility and the need for low maintenance. PVC trims are not only versatile for just kitchen renovations or just as a bathroom designer, they can accommodate many of your home remodeling ideas if not all.


How to determine if PVC boards are right for you

Everybody loves a durable product, and a versatile one too. PVC trims have many advantages. If you have noticed, one of the chief problems with wood is the fact that it absorbs moisture and easily catches fire, amongst many other cons. 

PVC trims on the other hand are unaffected by humidity and can withstand all the temperature changes within your home. Hence, if you’re worried about insect intrusion through woods, or maybe the permeability and non-versatility of wood, then now is the time to consider PVC trims.


Eco-friendliness and sustainability

One of PVC’s green virtues is that it’s environmentally friendly. This product prevents deforestation, and the scraps and pieces from PVC materials can be recycled. A PVC trim is currently one of the best choices for every home, and it is not surprising that a lot of homes are already switching exclusively to PVC trims.



Imagine the number of times you’ve had to replace that same kitchen door due to rot, temperature changes, and lots more. PVC trims may be more expensive than wood, but they are more cost-effective in the long run

PVC trims have a low maintenance factor, and you do not have to keep calling your carpenter to fix your kitchen door because termites have burrowed holes into the wood furniture.

Hence, if you take durability and the low maintenance factor of a PVC into consideration, then you would realize that PVC trims offer more affordable home remodeling options for your home, whether it’s for kitchen remodeling or bathroom remodeling.


5 Benefits of Cellular PVC Trims

Cellular PVC has many advantages. Some of the most important advantages include:


  • Affordability
  • Versatility
  • Water resistance
  • Fire resistance
  • Durability



Cellular PVC  is rapidly becoming a favorite for constructors, builders, and homeowners, and the reason for that is very obvious. PVC trims afford homeowners long-lasting solutions. PVC doesn’t rot, crack, cup, or bow. It is also less expensive to maintain as wood trim has to be repaired or replaced every 20 to 30 years.

This product is also immune to insect infestation and can withstand extreme temperatures. Hence, PVC provides long-lasting and affordable solutions for your home remodeling projects.



If you’re looking for a viable product that is also versatile, then PVC trims are your best solution. They also hold paint well and since most are white, they are compatible with any paint color so you do not have to worry about your interior house painting project. 

Additionally, they are compatible with your existing house interior such as subway tiles, and they make a perfect combination with pendant lights. 

Hence, you would never regret the painting job if you choose to paint your house or leave the PVC in its original state.

Peel and Stick PVC trims have even been introduced to offer versatile options for tiles, wall panels, and doors. You just have limitless uses for cellular PVC trims.

All you need is a good home painting service to advise you on what works best for you. Most house painting services usually offer a free estimate to see how PVC trims work within your budget. 



PVC trim is very useful. It is not only durable but also water-resistant. PVC trim will always be a superior wood replacement product and it can never absorb water. 

With PVC trims, your home will always look new and give you a better resale value in the long run. This is where PVC trims beat wood. 

One of the major causes of termite infestation on wood is the fact that wood absorbs water, attracting insects and pests. These pests pose nuisances in the home. They are not only difficult to identify, but they are also difficult to eradicate. Most people still using wood may agree that you would not know these pests have caused damage until it’s too late to fix. 

These problems cannot be encountered with PVC trims as they are non-porous. Even if you live within a high moisture environment, PVC trims would still be intact and durable all season.


Fire Resistant

PVC trims cannot burn. But wood, of course, can burn. This means wood may not be a good option for places like commercial centers where fire safety is a concern. Also, if your home is located within areas that have a history of frequent wildfires, then PVC trims will come in handy. 



If you want to avoid frequent replacement. PVC trims can guarantee durability. PVC trim is a superior product that guarantees a comprehensive interior solution for modern home design.

Also, you must be prepared to call your carpenter from time to time for fixes if your home’s interior is built with wood. The case is different with PVC trims. What you get is the best value for your money. 



Cellular PVC is here to stay for your home remodeling projects. We understand your home is very valuable to you and you may have some questions concerning PVC trims. At Bergen’s Contracting and Repair, we specialize in making your dream home come true. Feel free to request a free quote for your home remodeling projects and repairs.

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