10 Home Improvement Ideas To Try During Quarantine
10 Home Improvement Ideas To Try During Quarantine
July 9, 2020
Interior Painting Dos and Dont’s
Painting Hacks: Interior Painting Dos and Dont’s
September 10, 2020
10 Home Improvement Ideas To Try During Quarantine
10 Home Improvement Ideas To Try During Quarantine
July 9, 2020
Interior Painting Dos and Dont’s
Painting Hacks: Interior Painting Dos and Dont’s
September 10, 2020
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Home Office Design Tips For A Distraction-Free Workspace

Home office design tips for a distraction-free working environment at home

COVID-19 has forced many of us to turn our home into our workplace. However, there’s a certain kind of stress when the boundaries between your work and your home become unclear. Bergen’s Repairs shares these home office design tips to improve your productivity while making the most out of what you have at home.

Distractions of working from home

Distractions can kill both our productivity and creativity. Without creating a physical boundary, it can be stressful to work from home. Common remote work distractions include:

  • Family members unaware of your working hours
  • House chores screaming at every glance
  • Relentless noises from barking dogs, honking cars and kitchen work
  • Disturbing sounds from TV or gaming consoles

How to make your home office free from distractions

The list above not only affects your working environment but also your mental health. The best option with our current circumstances is to create a physical boundary between your “home” and your “office”. Here are some tips to get you started:

Remove things from your home office that are unrelated to your work

Stop torturing yourself and keep any distraction out of your sight. Keep them inside the cabinets or place them in your bedroom.

Keep your space tidy by adding space-saving shelves or cabinets

A messy desk creates a messy mind. Keep up with the trend and try a vertical home office. Check here to learn more designs.

Vertical home office


Paint your room with yellow or add green accents to increase your focus

Colors affect our productivity. Yellow stimulates our creativity and green relaxes our eyes which is best for people who work for long hours. 

Adding yellow and green accents in your home office can boost your productivity


Build a wall for privacy

Sometimes your family forgets that you work from home and still approach you during work hours. To prevent feelings from getting hurt, build a wall, and remind them not to disturb you while you’re beyond that wall.

Building a wall to separate your home office and living space works wonders for stress-free remote work.


Install a window for a well-lit workspace

Our bodies react to light and darkness. This study shows that exposure to natural light improves our circadian rhythm that helps boost our quality of sleep. 

Without sleep, it’s hard not to be distracted from wanting to lie on your bed, especially if it’s just a few steps away. Set up a source of natural light and bask on Vitamin D while working.

 A well-lit home office can promote better sleep.


Separate home and work affairs by adding a door

When the going gets tough, seal your home office with a sound-proofed door. That way, your kids won’t barge in and out of your office and tone down noises during your Zoom calls.

Doors are crucial in keeping the home office and work affairs in harmony.


Bergen’s Repairs can help you have a comfortable remote work environment while on lockdown

Our skilled team can help you improve your remote work environment at home. Bergen’s Repairs provide home repairs and remodeling services in Charlotte including:

Door and window installation

We can install windows in your home office for better lighting and ventilation. Adding windows can also help reduce your energy consumption.

Custom cabinets

Our team can build customized storage cabinets based on your preference to make your home office clutter-free and conducive for working

Move walls to create a workspace

We can find ways in adding a workstation in small spaces with a wall divider

Painting jobs

Brighten up your home office by painting it with colors that can boost your presence of mind and productivity. Let us do the painting for you, so you can spend more time working on your grind. 

Invest in yourself and make your home office a peaceful sanctuary for productivity during the quarantine. We offer a FREE consultation for home repairs so you can estimate the scope of the repair or installation needed for your home. 

Call us now to learn more about our home remodeling and painting services. We’re excited to see more remote workers get the most comfortable home office that they deserve. 

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